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M!-Future Solutions offers ERP of Education (Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Institutes) are becoming increasingly complex and are not limited to delivering education alone. They are dealing with a host of activities like admissions, attendence, fee management,HRM, library management, hostel management , Transport Management and many other internal and external processes.

Feature of Education ERP -

  1. User Friendly
  2. Highly Customizable
  3. Highly Secure
  4. Highly Reliable
  5. Low Cost
  6. Multiple Format
  7. Complete Reports
  8. Best User Interface
  9. Multiple Login Access
  10. 4 Access Level(Admin , Student , Parent , Teacher)
Benifits of Education ERP : -
  1. Improved Existing process
  2. Increased transparency & flexibility
  3. Improved Utilization of Resources
  4. Reduce bussiness Process Cycle time
  5. Increased Productivite
  6. Active Participants (For Parent)
  7. Enhance Communication & Interaction with Parents(For Teacher)
  8. Improve performance by involving parents(For Teacher)