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M!-Future Solutions provides different of ERP Solutions , they are following :

  1. School ERP
  2. College ERP
  3. University ERP
  4. Coaching Center ERP
Benifits of ERP :
   1.     Administrator Benifit :   Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.Reduces paper work, no data redundancy, reduces piles of files.Save man hrs in managing information with automation.Improves system's response to the demand of the stakeholders.Integrated solution to manage academic, administrative and business processes.Dynamic generation of tasks with popup alerts and e-mail provides better productivity and work plan.
   2.     Student Benifit :   Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.Easy to manage school’s online news magazine.User fully functional e-mail on school web site with complete POP access.Allows giving online exams.Better access to library material and other references.Improves Communication with teachers & class mates.
   3.     Parents Benifit :   More Open and easy interaction with Administration & Faculty.Instant access to all the day to day information related to child.Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system.Save hours and money in lots of communication aspects.Proactive measures like SMS, email that keeps them in the loop.Access to Grades, Attendance, Fee status, exam schedule, announcements for students.
   4.     Teacher Benifit :   More concentration on students as paper work is less.Improves Teaching Effectiveness through content and information about student.Reduces long term planning.E-mail & Internal messaging system. Online Exams for Students to reduce complicated manual tests. Greater focus on teaching and less on time consuming administrative functions viz. Student records, class schedules, reports, attendance etc.Improved Quality of interaction between Parents and Institutes Administrators.

Data Maintaining Services : It is a product for Institutes having Library / Schools / Colleges in India & Abroad, and only one of its kinds. Our Library Management System provides powerful features for any type of private and public Libraries. You can maintain complete data of books, subscription of magazines / newspapers, information about issue / return of books to students & staff, calculate fine, print barcode labels, check book stock, print I-card and send SMS. This software makes it easy for you to keep track of all the books & members of the library.